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Buy to Let Mortgage UK FAQs

Yes. As a non-UK resident you can get a mortgage, but it does restrict the lenders you can use. There are a range of banks and private banks that lend to non-residents. Get in touch with one of our experienced mortgage UK broker Hong Kong advisors to find out about your options.

A non-UK resident will often need to put down a bigger deposit when looking to purchase a UK property.  Most lenders will only lend between 50-65% of the property value.  While our UK mortgage broker Hong Kong have good connected lenders could go up to 75% which is a good deal.

Yes, you can secure a mortgage if you work for yourself.  Our UK mortgage broker Hong Kong have a range of lenders that can take self-employed income.  You will need to have at least two years of trading and taxable income from your local Tax Authority.

We can secure mortgages on properties across the UK, no postcode preference nor restriction. Call our UK mortgage broker Hong Kong today.

Yes, as a non-UK resident, most onshore lenders will not be available to you. Most of the banks we use are UK banks with an offshore presence. They are based in the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. Some of the expat lenders are based in the UK. Call our UK mortgage broker Hong Kong today.

All non-UK resident lenders are taking more risk when lending to someone outside the UK. There are also less lenders available in this space, resulting in less competition. Therefore, we find that rates are higher compared to when you lived in the UK. Call our UK mortgage broker Hong Kong today.

Yes, buying a property through a limited company is possible, but not all lenders will allow this. It will restrict your lending options, but it is definitely possible. Call our UK mortgage broker Hong Kong today.

Yes, we have a number of lenders that can lend to Mainland Chinese residents. We will need all your documentation translated to English but as long as this is possible, and you cover the lender’s underwriting requirements, we should be able to secure your finance. Our UK mortgage broker Hong Kong also cover most from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Non-resident lenders only allow for up to two borrowers on a mortgage application. Call our UK mortgage broker Hong Kong today.