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AIP mortgage 2023 – Can I get an Approval in principle mortgage?

AIP Mortgage Form

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Let’s get your BTL mortgage approval journey started… To find out whether you could get a BTL mortgage approval, please answer a few questions. This AIP mortgage form will take about 10 minutes, so let’s get yourself ready and started.

A. Applicant’s Eligibility

AIP mortgage FAQ

To obtain Approval in Principle (AIP mortgage), the lender asks you to answer all credit information about you and your financial details. Based on the information you give, we will tell you how much you could borrow to buy a property. You can consider this amount in your calculations when looking for your property. However, AIP mortgage is not a legal document and does not entitle you to receive a mortgage loan for the AIP amount. You must fill in a full mortgage application before AIP turns into a full mortgage offer.

To obtain a full mortgage offer, you must answer a comprehensive set of questions about you, your financial details and the property you would like to buy. As soon as you provide with the documents, we need to support your application and carry out the necessary credit checks we can move onto the next steps which is formal underwritten credit approval. Only then will you receive a full mortgage offer which sets out the terms under which the lender are prepared to offer you an UK mortgage.